Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Terd

(EyesOfBlue vs. NN)
(White to move)

Unfortunately, not all of my games have been triumphs. (Far from it, I am afraid -- most of my games are losses). As with most chess players, the losses that sting the worst are the ones I should have won. The problem above is such a situation. I was transfixed by the rook on g3 and the fact that the h-pawn could take it.

1. hxg3 ?? (This is a horrible mistake. Through more bad mistakes, I ended up losing the match.)

The winning move, of course, is 1. Qxf6. After this white is able to unleash a devestating attack by bringing his rook to d1. 1... Rg7. 2. Qxd8+ Rg8 (the only legal move). 3. Qf6+ Rg7. 4. Rd1 (+-). Chessmaster 9000 actually lists this as "mate in 10." That's beyond my head, but nobody can deny that white has a nasty attack against black.