Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I haven't posted in a while. No excuses really... a nice, fat three day weekend came and went, and somehow I just didn't manage to get around to posting. I did find some time to play some chess.

It was an interesting series of games (about 7-8). First, as black, I saw the bishop's opening twice (1. e4 e5. 2. Bc4) . If I remember correctly that is one of the least common 1. e4 openings I play against. I lost both games too. I only blame one on the opening, a particuarly vicious gambit. As a mental note, I need to look at that opening more closely in case I see it again.

Seocond, it was weekend of major ups and downs. I dropped a game to a person 150 points my junior. Ughhh.... it was ugly, but then in the very next game I beat some one 170 points my senior. These kind of results just show how sporadic and random my chess can be. Again, something I need to work on.