Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cricket vs. Chess?

I have been very distracted from my chess playing due to a new love interest... namely, cricket. It's a weird story... similiar to the same strange tale (see my first postings) on how I got into chess. However, as with chess, I once again find myself hopelessly addicted... much to the bewilderment of all my friends, family, and girlfriend who know nothing about the game and are dumbfounded by my lack of interest in "more American" games.

Despite my new found fling . . . chess is still there.

In between "knocking over some wickets" and practicing my "bowling," I have been finding some time for some quick FICS matches and doing some puzzles on chess tactics server. The good news(?) is that with fall firmly setting in there will be less and less chances to hit the outdoors…. thus I expect a full chess resurgence in the next couple months.
I have a lot to explore. Of special note, I have run into a lot of problems with playing the Gruenfeld lately. I am having problems with the king side g7 pawn placement, and (believe it or not?!) also the kingside's pawn structure. I feel like my position becomes very easily cramped and overworked (I lost one game on a really nasty bishop knight pin the other day). The interesting thing about the Gruenfeld is that though I prefer it (i.e., I'll do everything in my power to get the position there), it is relatively rare. 1. d5 Nf6 is so rarely followed by 2. c5. Thus, I feel like it is an opening I have neglected for the more likely 1.e5 openings. I do have a book on it that probably is worth reviewing.