Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bishop's Opening Gambit

(EyesOfBlue vs. Cibola (FICS Online Game))

I don't face the Bishop's Opening often (of 551 games it's only been played 30 times or 5.5%), but Cibola unleashed an unpleasant surprise on me that made me look at it much more closer. The position above is a direct result of 1. e4 e5. 2. Bc4 Bc5. 3. Bxf7?! (diagram above). As with most gambits, the psychological effect is much more powerful than the actual tactical one. However, I instantly froze up and fell right into Cibola's trap. 3... Kxf7 is of course the only reply, which I indeed played. 4. Qh5+ then came as I thought it would. And here is where I really floundered. I played 4... g6?. This leads to a pretty much even game.... with white actually having an advantage. The more cowardly, but clearly better move was 4... Kf8 as white gains little compensation for its fallen bishop.

Cibola ended up with the win... he had it from the very opening. Well played.


At 5:57 PM, Blogger tpstar0 said...

Tough trap. Note the players are reversed. =)


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