Thursday, June 02, 2005


I have seen Searching for Bobby Fischer about two dozen times. I have also heard people in various chat rooms talk about them. But up until yesterday, I have never actually seen a chess child prodigy. It was a wonder to behold.

He was 8 years old, had curly brown hair, and a look of absolute concentration that I have seen in only the rarest of adults. This kid was incredible. He was playing the local patzers at Dupont Circle and whooping them one after another. This kid's young age and stone cold playing attracted a crowd of over 20 Washingtonians on their way home from work... Washingtonians who normally never stop for anything. It was a sight to see. His mother looked on happily... I didn't get the impression that this was a kid who was forced into chess mastery by some overbearing parent. Instead, the exact opposite... I saw some concern in her eyes, perhaps wondering if the skill her son was demonstrating was "normal" or "healthy."

This run-in depressed me and excited me at the same time. Here was an 8 year old kid who was at his young age better at the game then I ever was -- or more depressingly, ever will be. His moves were so confident, so thoughtful, and so precise. How could one watch and not be jealous? Why can such skills come so naturally to him?

But jealousy aside, seeing this kid play inspired me. It made me want to continue to try to get better. I actually tried to play him, but too many people were waiting to try their luck against this child all star. Maybe next time.


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You have a nice site as well. It is interesting and different playing children. I had a post on it:

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