Sunday, April 16, 2006


I have been busy. Real busy!

News Item 1#: I am engaged! Long story, but there will be a new Mrs. BlueEyedRook in the very near future!

News Item 2#: I am still playing chess! I have had some long dry spells (i.e., no postings!), but I am still playing (horribly!) and still maintaining this blog.

Here's an interesting game I played the other day.

BlueEyedRook vs. NN
April 2006
White to Move

I think all commentators would agree -- I am solidly winning this game. 1. Bxf8? seems logical enough. A rook for a bishop is always a good trade. But in the process, I am missing a quick mate-in-two. Do you see it?
The key is the poor f7-pawn -- it is useless. The white d4 bishop keeps it locked there (i.e., the pawn is pinned by the bishop). Based on that one key, the winning move is easy. 1. Qxg6!+. Technically this brazen move isn't even a queen-sacrifice, because as mentioned the black f7 pawn can't recapture it. After 1... Kh8. 2. Qg7# to follow.
I pulled out the win here -- as I mentioned, I had a pretty solid lead. But I hate missing such beautiful mates like this.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger DG said...

"there will be a new Mrs. BlueEyedRook"

Was there an old Mrs. BlueEyedRook? Did she fall victim to chess widowhood? :)

At 4:09 PM, Blogger JDK said...

Congrats! Love and chess can happily co-exist. Sometimes it can be a fine balance though :)


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