Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh, Crapola......

NN vs. BlueEyedRook
(Black to Move)
For those of you still not playing on Redhotpawn, you are missing out. Hands down it is the best place to play correspondence chess.

There's two -- and only two! -- downsides. 1) It is a pay to use site. You can play for free, but you can only play like 6 games at a time (I am currently playing 50+ . . . and was looking to add some more!). 2) It's correspondence chess. Why is correspondence chess a bad thing, you ask? Because of the position above.

I won't reveal NN's rank, but it's a good 200 points above me on Redhotpawn. So, I was pretty happy to be in a endgame where the material was pretty much even. White has just checked me with his queen. There is two (and only two!) moves. Which one is correct?

Well, like a complete bozo I played the wrong move 1... Qe7?. Why is this so bad? It's called Chess Tactics 101!
White's reply is 2. Qb8+!! which wins the game. The move forks black's king and the unguarded black bishop (see left in red). Black can only play 2... Qe8 with the inevitable 3. Qxb2.

The move I should have made (the only other move I could have made!) was 1... Kg8. The c5 pawn would be lost, but the game would still be about even.

Correspondence chess is evil... evil I tell you. You can play days (more accurately weeks) to only throw a game away with one single act of utter stupidty.


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Hamish said...

Unless I'm playing a quick succession of moves with someone, and even then if I'm playing quick successions with several people, I always use the "Analyze Board" feature to replay the last dozen or so moves in a game, which puts me in mind of what my opponent and I were doing. Doesn't always work, but then you can make the sort of mistake you demonstrated playing blitz too!


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