Tuesday, September 06, 2005


(Eyesofblue vs. NN) (FICS 08-06-05)
(Black to move)

Black is contemplating 1... Ba6 and actually goes through with it. This is a horrible mistake. Do you see why?

It leads to any easy mate-in-four (and that's only if black's wants to prolong the inevitable!).

2. Rg3+ Kh7 (forced). 3. Bc2+ then quickly leads to mate. (3... Kh8 is easily met with 4. Rh6#) (3. Bd3 only prolongs black's agony with 4. Bxd3+ and 5. Rh6# to follow).

I actually spotted this one... can't remember the last time I saw a mate-in-four in an actual game. I would say it is a "good sign," but I am been playing so miserably lately, I won't!!!