Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tis the Season . . . .

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!! Merry Christmas!

The holidays are only a few days away. I was especially moved by this game I found today on Not only was a person asking for help, but the requester's name was no other than "Santa Drummer." See This was too good to pass up. Since it is the season for giving, I thought I would lend my analysis.

The key move comes at black's 45th move. (See Below)

griffy vs. Santa Drummer
( 12/17/2005)
(Black to move and win)

Santa Drummer plays the dubious 45... e3+? leading to a fairly easy draw. White can merely play 46. e2 and effectively prevent the e-pawn from promoting. If the Black king decides to aid its blocked h-pawn, the White king has plenty of time to snatch up the menacing e-pawn and still mosey onto h1 where White can effectively force a draw.

The far superior and game-winning move was 45... Kg4! going after the white pawn at h5 -- of course which the white king can protect. White's only logical move than is to try to take the Black e4 pawn (failure to keep an "eye on it" will result in it promoting). But this is to no avail. After the e4 pawn falls, Black will have a cleared h-pawn and a king in excellent position to keep the White king away. For example: 46.Ke3 Kxh5. 47.Kxe4 Kg4. (See below).