Monday, December 12, 2005

New Record!

Well, I finally broke my record on FICS!

After a long (and unsual!) winning spell, I finally broke my FICs blitz record over the weekend. It was a startling game against a player a good 100 points my senior. I was playing as black and managed to gain a good, solid three-pawn lead only to lose that advantage going into the endgame. (I am still a bit peeved with myself for dropping three pawns like that). With the material equal, we were both down to a lone knight and a handful of pawns. Knight endgames can be brutal. Especially as in here when there was heavy pawn action on both sides of the board (knights are not designed for cross-board conflicts).

In the end, my opponent ended up resigning when a series of my pawns grew ever closer to promoting. I don't think it was the best of decisions on his/her part. I thought the game was pretty much drawn, but . . . a win is a win! And more importantly a new record is a new record!

(Of course, in true BlueEyedRook style, after this milestone win, I played another game against an opponent 150 points my junion only to lose because my clock ran out!)