Thursday, January 12, 2006

..... But no cigar!

BlueEyedRook vs. llbank
White to move
Ughhhh….. I hate losing close chess games. Unfortunately, this was such an example. I was close to pulling off a draw here. But as Gene Oakland says: “‘Close’ only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” It doesn’t matter in chess.

The key here is white’s next move. I realize I have two fundamental problems: 1) the d2 pawn; and the f4 pawn. But I also realize that the d1 bishop can effectively guard both the problemsome pawns and the king can lend a hand too. The white e4 pawn is also an important asset. If the black king and bishop get too wild in trying to promote their own pawns, this white pawn can make a dash for the 8th rank.

All action is on the center of the board, but the left wing is a powder keg waiting to erupt. The black bishop is of course unable to attack the white pawns (who are on white squares), but the black king can. Thus the white bishop (in addition to guarding the two cetral black pawns) must also be sure to also guard the a4 white pawn.

So with all that being said . . . What’s the best move?
I am currently letting the ol' Chessmaster 9000 "sleep on it" (i.e., letting it spend 8 or 9 hours while I sleep analyzing the position). It claims 1. e5 is the best move.... which I can believe. However, I am curious if anything else will lead to draw positions. We'll see. I would love to get people's takes on this position.


At 1:00 AM, Blogger bahus said...

I think this kind of positions are very good study material. I find many of my games swing from won to lost (or vice versa) by one simple move during the endgame.

Before reading your comments on the position I was thinking that e5 is only possible move. Black has to decide what piece to move, bishop has very little space where as white bishop can safely go between d1-f3 if need be.

1. e5 and what then?

1...Bg5 and looks like white can draw (2.e6 and I think black has to give up the pawn 2...Be7). Black will post his bishop to b4-c5 and use king to blocade whites e-pawn.

1...Kf7 and I think 2.Kh5 Bf8 3.Kg5 is also a draw.

Maybe it's not that simple though, black king could somehow get close to d2-pawn's promotion square if black bishop can protect the pawns...


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