Monday, January 16, 2006


I don't get too many talkers during my games. This is both a good and bad thing. Sometimes people are fun and interesting to talk to. Other times they just ramble on and on. One of my favorite forms of chess chatters are trash-talkers.

What a miserable, sad lot these poor souls are. The game below represents the latest of morons I have come across on

???* vs. BlueEyedRook January 2006

Black to Move

Some how I managed to get a piece down toward the middle of the game. At the position above, I get this e-mail from ???.

gg, resign and save us some time so i can beat you again in the rematch.

I was, of course, instantly peeved at his audacity. The sad thing for ol' ??? is that I probably would have resigned, but he had really ticked me off. So the game went on. Somewhere around the 49th move we got to this position.

??? vs. BlueEyedRook January 2006

Black to Move

And now ??? doesn't find himself able to trash talk as much as he would like. I, of course, made him choke on his earlier comment about resigning. What follows is just bizarre:

Bet you feel dumb for sending me this message on the 21. move, huh? "gg, resign and save us some time so i can beat you again in the rematch."

no, not really, i let you win, i was cheating and had the game won but decided to give you the game

Nice gesture on his part.... wouldn't you say.

To ??? and all the other trash talkers out there. Number 1, don't trash talk. Who needs unpleasantness in this already less than pleasant world. Number 2, if you are going to trash talk -- Back it up. Or you might find your name and your embarassment printed out on a web log for all to see.

* Why the ???, you ask? I actually printed the guy's name when I originally published this entry, but in hindsight, I thought it was a little too mean. Afterall, everyone has bad days.... maybe I caught ??? having one. Thus, we'll just leave my little trash-talking loser friend annonymous.


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Newvictorian said...

Heh. :)

I've been playing on Red Hot Pawn for several months and only met one of these types. Most people on there seem pretty nice. But there's one in every crowd...

If you'd like a game there let em know, I'm newvictorian.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger JDK said...

I must admit, out of all the games I have played on there I have not met anyone who has trash-talked me yet. But maybe that is just luck of the draw on my part.

The first comment would seem ok if followed with a smiley, but the last one is just cocky.

Was it a clan match per chance? There is a goading forum for clans so maybe he/she took the spirit to a personal level.


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