Monday, August 20, 2007

Chess -- The Dark, Underside

I met my first real "chess addict" the other day. . . .

He wasn't a person who simply played chess a lot or someone who loved the game -- he was a true "addict." He had virtually no job, no life, no friends, and nothing outside of the 64 squares you see on the board. He was the type of person who knew lines of the Sicilian Defense about 20 moves down -- but about whom you seriously wondered about last time he ate or even showered.

He told me he "used to be different," but that Chess had an opium-like effect over him. When it hit, he began spending all his free time playing the game. Soon he was using his work and social-time -- time he couldn't spend.

I have heard of these types, but never really met one until now.

Do you think Chess is addictive? Know any addicts? I am taking a survey to probe this generally ugly part of the game (click below).