Wednesday, August 29, 2007

US Chess League -- Opening Day!!!

The results are only now starting to trickle their way across the internet, but I thought I would share my "behind the scenes" pictures of the Philadelphia Inventors (yay!) taking on the Miami Sharks (boo!) during their first scheduled match of the 2007 US Chess League Season. I actually had to leave early (damn, you work!). So, I'll probably have to post the results tomorrow complete with the patzer, monday-morning quarterbacking analysis that only a crappy player like I can provide.

GM Sergey Kudrin (2605)

I have reviewed multiple of Sergey's games prior to his recruitment to the Philadelphia team. It was awesome to shake hands with an actual GM!

IM Bryan Smith (2442)

Bryan gets extra points in my book. First, he told me before the game that he was trying to give up smoking. That's courage. You start up chess league the same time you are going through nicotine withdrawl.... wow! Second, the 6'2 plus player opted to play in a room where the doorways were about 5'8 inches. (I personally bumped my head no less than three times -- and I am only 6'0).

IM Richard Costigan (2287)

Richard is the president of the Franklin Mercantile Chess Club -- the playing ground for the Philadelphia Inventors. Unfortunately, the FMCC is not big on basking their officers with tons of perks -- Richard got the seat all the way in the back room by himself. He, also, had a good five-10 minute delay or so getting started compared to the rest of the squad. Ah, the joys of executive privilege . . . .

NM Elvin Wilson (2240)

(Sorry for the bad shot, Elvin). Elvin was the only player who opted not to use his accompanying chess board (note the unmoved pieces to his right). This, actually, fascinated me. Playing 95% of my chess on the computer, I find playing OTB ("over the board") games awkward. Wonder if he is the same way? Incidentally, as of 10:00 PM EST, Elvin's was the only game to have finished and with the result posted on the internet. He drew with the black pieces.