Monday, September 10, 2007

Game Day, baby.... Game Day.

Give 'em Hell, Philly!

Much more talented and knowledgable people have weighed in on Wednesday night's slug-fest between Boston and Philadelphia. I think most people are giving Boston the edge . . . but I note these all seem to be Bostonians!!!

As the one Philly USCL blogger, I am personally predicting Philadelphia will win 4-0 in an amazing shutout, but as the picture, above, shows -- I am slightly biased. (Incidentally, the Eagles are also going to win the Superbowl, and the Phillies the Pennant).

I guess as a more impartial view, I supect Wednesday's game will focus on "conserative chess." No crazy antics, gambits or other ploys . . . I expect both teams will start up with conservative openings that proceed into equally conserative middle games. Both teams sit at the top of the Eastern Conference and are undefeated -- both know full well that they will probably face each other somewhere in the playoffs (at least if current predictions are accurate). Thus, I suspect Wednesday will largely be a "testing ground" as both teams size each other up and try to assess one another. I wouldn't be shocked if 3 or all 4 of the games draw.

Yawn fest Wednesday night? Hardly! As USCL games have shown, even the slightest error or miscalculations are costing players games and teams wins! As always, human/computer error (what better way to define "mouse slips"?!) will be a potential issue as lots of sweaty and shaky hands operate the computers during this tense and highly-anticipated Wednesday matchup.

As always, pictures are promised!

Looking forward to some awesome chess!