Friday, October 12, 2007


"There is a God somewhere . . . ."

Boston Blitz, the seemingly unstoppable chess juggernaut of the USCL was handed its first loss of the season by the New York Knights Wednesday night.

More than resurrecting New York's imperiled playoff ambitions, Wednesday's win showed the USCL league that Boston is not a an invincible chess machine. . . . it can bleed. And as the the Schwarzeneggar line goes -- "If it bleeds, we can kill it." (click here for quote -- Predator, love that movie! ). The Knights' win gives hope to the all the teams in the East that some how, some way, they too can overcome the Boston chess monster.

Reality, however, prevents too much optimism. The Blitz were without two of their strongest players Wednesday night. And as we all know from their websites and blog postings, Boston is by far the most enthusiastic and spirited team in the league. (For God's sake, they even have a song -- "Chris is Awesome" which I love by the way.). Simply put -- there is no way you can crush this team's morale (indeed, Wednesday's loss may have only empowered it).

Still, we learned that the Blitz is beatable. . . . it can, indeed, lose. Hopefully the other chess teams will learn from New York's efforts. (Personal prediction: every team from here on out will announce before playing the Blitz that they "guarantee" victory!).


At 3:05 PM, Blogger Ilya said...

LOL, someone has too much free time... your team will answer for these gruesome pictures:)


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